The Parnell Lawn Tennis Club was established in 1872, which gives the club the interesting distinction of having its origins date prior to the date of the first formulation of rules of lawn tennis. On the 12th of August 1872 our club ” The Parnell Croquet Club” was formed on Cathedral Place.

The season’s subscription was set at half a guinea and only three rules applied:

  1. Visitors were to be admitted only once
  2. Children under 15 were not allowed
  3. “All dogs would be hunted off the field or the owner fined one guinea.”

PLTC history

The Club finally came to incorporate tennis in its name in 1898. Over the 83 years at the Cathedral site, the club went through both difficult and prosperous times that included two World Wars. Parnell Lawn Tennis Club moved to its current idyllic location on the border of the Auckland Domain among the pohutukawa trees in 1956 (after turning down the option of the current Gladstone Road site in earlier years)