Scarbro Caro Bowl

The Scarbro Caro Bowl is Auckland’s top Interclub competition. It took its name from the trophy “Maurice S Caro Memorial Bowl” which was donated in memory of the late Maurice S Caro, who was killed in action on the 2nd of July 1916 in the first battle of Somme (WW1). He was a Parnell player. You will notice the ladies’ trophy only has results from 1990 onwards displayed on it, this is because until then, the Mens’ and Ladies’ Caro Bowl had been played together so only the one trophy (now the mens’ trophy) was presented.

2020 Teams


Michael Venus

Rubin Statham

Oliver Statham

Jason Pimenta


Jade Lewis

Stella Cliff

Paige Alter

Taylor Brown

Pavlina Nola

Sadheera Weep

Aimee Brown



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