Come along at 6:30pm to enjoy a fun night for our mid winter xmas party - food, beverages, kinship and fun.  $30 a head


The Gala Dinner hosted by Tennis Auckland to celebrate the centenary of the Stanley Street Tennis Centre will be held on Saturday 12 August at Cordis Hotel, Auckland. 

WEDNESDAY CLUB NIGHTS - 5.45pm for 6pm

Everyone will take part in some drill type sessions and then you have a chance to play some doubles or have a beverage and piece of Sal's pizza.


Triples tournament - To be held later in the year.


  • Thursday August 17- Business House commences.
  • Friday August 18 -Club Service Awards evening


  • Friday October 13 - Black Friday tournament.
  • Friday November 10 - Pro Am tournament (tbc).
  • Sunday November 26 - Battle of the Bridge - Northcote Club (tbc).


Enhancing Our Tennis Court Illumination.

As we are all aware improving our lighting situation is paramount and a lot of work has gone on to get this sorted bearing in mind costs, logistics and the fact the industry is moving away from metal halide lamps which have become increasingly challenging to find in terms of replacements. Additionally, the control gear inside the poles has reached the end of its life, further necessitating the need for an upgrade.

 Our goal, therefore, is to replace all of our lights with modern, efficient LED lighting. This is a significant undertaking, both in terms of cost and long-term impact. However, a quality LED installation should serve the club for the next 20+ years, making it imperative to make the right decision for our future. We have already received three quotes for the upgrade, with the total cost for all eight courts to be around $200,000. We have received donations totalling $80,000 and have also been awarded a $15,000 grant from TAB NZ. Further work is being undertake around costings, donations, grants and timelines and this is all outlined on our website for those who would like to understand more.

In the meantime, we understand that some courts, particularly court 4 and court 6, are not as well-lit and as a temporary measure, we have arranged for a contractor and a "cherry-picker" to do our best to improve the lighting situation on those specific courts. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through the upgrade.


Winter interclub is nearly finished apart from a couple of rained off games and summer interclub is coming around quickly. Please register your interest with Feleti.

SATURDAY BOOT CAMP 9 to 10.30am 

Please register with Juan if you wish to take part by phone or on this link here.


If you are keen to join, please text Goran on 0211677460 or email 

From the Committee